Monday, February 8, 2010

Very Inspiring Birth Story

Have the box of tissues in hand.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Best Birth

My baby girl is 1 year old today and I felt that I needed to share her birth story. Every birth has it's own miraculous story, but I'd like to share why Savanna's birth was the best I've experienced of my own children, so far!

My husband's job required him to travel 3 wks. out of the month and we were on pins and needles around the last month of pregnancy. We both figured this baby would come early like the previous two (35wks. and then 38wks) so I was very stressed about my husband not being able to make it to the birth. He is my rock during labor and delivery and I NEEDED him to help keep me calm and relaxed. My due date came and passed, then the real stress began as my husband had to fly to the east coast. Thankfully, he was able to stay home. I was having contractions the last few weeks of pregnancy, where they would come strong and increase the time intervals. However, nothing.

I was 5 days past my due date when I woke up around 7am discovering my water was leaking, decided to go back to bed and get rest because it would be a long journey ahead of us. I told my husband my plan and had suspected it would take an entire day before labor would begin since that's how the previous two labors had been. God and Savanna obviously had other plans.

Contractions began immediately, strong, and close together. I was shocked and knew I needed to get to the hospital. We woke up Jordan and Ellie, packed suitcases for them to stay at Grandma and Grandpa's, dropped them off and headed to the Silverton Hospital. (Oh, and we made sure I ate food this time)! My Midwife called me on the way, asking me how far apart and strong the contractions were because she knew I would go fast as well. We also let my friend know because I was present for her birth the previous night and she could come watch if she felt up for it.

We reached the hospital and settled into a room. I asked for my friend to be my nurse since she had began her shift and was lucky to have the midwife, nurse, and my husband all present the way I wanted it. Normally I would have walked, got in the jet tub, or hung on my husband during labor but I was in the zone to be on the bed almost immediately entering our room. I was on the birthing ball for a little bit but mostly felt comfortable on my left side. My Doula was helping me to relax, but I needed Justin once I entered transition. He moaned with me and kept reminding me to relax, telling me how wonderful I was doing.

The Midwife arrived, checked me (I have no clue how far I was dilated, but I didn't really care) and said she could break the hind bag of waters since the front bag already leaked. I said okay because I wanted to be done. I settled into a movement-like trance with my contractions and slept in between. The waves were incredible and the next I was completely sleeping. There were many people in the room, all watching in silence while I continued the need to tell everyone what I was feeling. Justin kept rubbing my hair back and I eventually felt as if I needed to push.

I pushed and it felt great, but I could tell I wasn't really bearing down and wasn't ready to get the baby out. My body was telling me what I needed to do and at that moment, I needed the ever-so-slight pushes. Also, I knew it was very normal for women to have a bowl movement while pushing, but I was still very embarrassed and kept apologizing. Still sleeping in between contractions, I finally felt the need to bear down and give strong pushes. Justin moved to the end of the bed because he was going to catch Savanna once her head came out. The Midwife was guiding him on what to do and it felt awkward to not have him by my side, but I like to keep my eyes closed while pushing anyhow. Although the Midwife and Justin were telling me to breathe, I felt as if I needed to push for a long time. I ignored them because I knew what my body was telling me. After a few pushes, out came Savanna Grace at 10:13am.

Savanna was on my chest, crying, pink, and beautiful. Her face, especially her nose, was smooshed but she was my baby and we just went thru and incredible experience together. This little bundle of joy I had been puking the whole pregnancy for, was finally here. We kissed her and it was peaceful. After a few minutes the cord was cut and I heald her skin to skin. The entire experience was very empowering and I was more in-tune with my body than ever before.

Although the Midwife and hospital staff were wonderful, I still have yet to experience my ultimate "high" and I truly believe a homebirth with our next (and last) child will do just that. I would like to be able to birth in any position or in the tub if I feel the need, with just my husband and Midwife present. If the kids happen to come in, then they are welcome as well. Regardless of what happens next time, I was in love with Savanna's birth and reassuring in my ability as a woman, to connect with my baby and body and to know what was best for us. Women need to take back birth and claim it for themselves, the doctors/midwives/all attendents are mere spectators. You have control and know your body best.