Sunday, November 8, 2009

Movement of Music

Music is not just something to listen to while you drive on your commute or occasionally act like a fool in your shower singing as loud as you can, but music can be a true act of self release. For some people, music moves the soul and can act as a huge part in releasing your inhibitions during labor.

Labor is called labor for a reason... it's hard work! However, when a woman listens or sings during labor it allows the mother to focus on what she is doing and relax the tension. Music is especially relaxing for those that have a passion for the art, whether that may be voice, instrument, dance, or the emotion through worship. When I listen to the touching art, I feel it not just hear it. Through the tones, beat, waves, clarity, and range of notes I feel warmth and I can't help but move. I close my eyes and then I feel goosebumps and the hairs on my neck stand up during an amazing chord. If I feel this through just listening, then imagine what a woman can connect to during delivering her child.

On a scientific note, babies move down the birth canal better during low tones, movement, and the mother relaxed all of which can contribute to music. Here are a couple of videos that demonstrate the art of music through labor. Feel to let go. Feel free to comment. :)

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